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BCL Cars Ltd

3 Months or 3,000 miles BACK TO BASE Parts and Labour Mechanical warranty. (which ever comes sooner)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS : The warranty covers Engine, Gearbox and rear Axle, as stated bellow 1,2,3,4,5 and 6


Oil pump, crankshaft, big end and bearings,main bearings , thrust beatings, timing gears, chains and tensioners, cam shafts do camshaft followers, tappet gear valves and valve guide, pistons, gudgeon pins, con rods, piston rings, cylinder head, distributor drive, oil seals, gaskets, clutch when affected by oil leaks, but in respect of front wheel drives vehicles, external couplings, drive shafts, live axles, oil seals, includes together with consequent damage including brake contamination but excluding burnt and worn clutches.


All internal components including main shaft, lay gear, all gears, syncro-hub assemblies, baulk rings, needle rollers, bearings, oil seals, gaskets including complete mechanical coverage of internal failure to overdrive limits but excluding all external linkages.


Auto clutch, bands, valve block, pumps, oil seals, gaskets, governor valve, speedo drive, torque converter but excluding all external linkages.


Internal components in all types of drive axle including crown wheel and pinion, Half shafts (internal bearings), Gaskets and oil seals.


Water pump, head gasket, Thermostat housing and radiator.


Starter motor, Dynamo/alternator


50% to be by parkway commercials.

50% to be paid by the customer.

If the vehicles suffers any mechanical defects with in the first 30 Days of purchasing from BCL Cars Ltd the invoice will be covered by the company 100% as long as the failure is covered under this agreement and not due wear and tear or due to owner/driver/keepers neglect.

Work must be carried out by the seller or there recommended repair centres, and it is the responsibly of the customer to get the vehicle to BCL Cars Ltd recommended repair centre (address details will be forwarded once booking details received)

The agreement becomes voiding the vehicle is not serviced at the correct intervals by the seller or their appointed agents, and if it's found that any other outside person or bodies have tampered in any way with the components covered under the terms and conditions of the guaranty/warranty. If any work or servicing a carried out with in the terms of this agreement then the customer will be required to pay before the vehicle is released back to them.

The guaranty/ warranty covers cars and light commercial vehicles only, in no event does the warranty cover any vehicle used for taxi/private hire, self drive hire, couriers or driving schools.

BCL Cars Ltd will take NO responsibility for transport cost that may incur delivering the vehicle back to base or our recommended repair garages. We also Not take responsibility for work that has been carried out by third party garages/mechanics or any work authorized by your selves the customers with out getting emailed confirmation/authorization by Management of BCL Cars Ltd that they will cover 100 or 50% of the invoice.

If you would like further information please call a dedicated member of staff who will be able to assist you.


If your vehicle has been purchased on a "TRADE SALE " Bases Meaning the vehicle has been purchased as the vehicle stands with no warranty offered or implied as you are agreeing to accept all responsibility for mechanical defects once the vehicle leaves our premises.

Even though our vehicles under go health checks via our recommended garages we can not offer discount and a high quality warranty cover through our own company it's either one or the other.

When your invoice has been stamped/written with "TRADE SALE" "discount given", meaning that you have agreed Discount on the vehicle with BCL Cars Ltd and that you are buying it with NO warranty given or implied and you that you have acknowledged discount has been given for any mechanical defects that may incur with in that 3 months period even though these vehicles have been checked over by our qualified mechanics. When "Trade Sale Discount Given" Has been agreed BCL Cars Ltd we offer the opportunity for the buyer to get there own mechanic /engineer to inspect and test drive the vehicle to that were they are 100% satisfied with the vehicle they are buying as once the vehicle has been paid for and leaves our premises BCL Cars Ltd will not be held responsible.